Paul Nave Reality Show "GOIN' THE DISTANCE" 

Summary for Reality Show Series:

Former WBF Welterweight World Champion, Paul Nave, returns to the ring as a middle-aged pro boxer at 48 in his quest to win 20 professional bouts and another possible shot at a world title.  He’s the oldest licensed California state professional boxer.  He's his own Event Promoter, Ticket Manager and Main Event Boxer.  He must also make time to train between the many hats he wears.  He's a single Dad raising his 6 year old son PJ and is the owner of Nave Tax Preparation and Mortgage Lending.  It’s a hectic life.  He's surrounded by zany boxing related characters, family, friends and hanger-oners.  He has a multi-million dollar home in upscale Marin County, not exactly the breeding ground for professional boxers and a loving 23 year old daughter Raquel who is a model in Paris.  His motto in life, which is vividly apparent in the ring, is Never Ever, Ever, Give Up, Never!

Producer: Steve Van Dis.  Steve and his experienced production crew have worked together on Contender-ESPN, Survivor, The Casino and Dancing with the Stars.  Steve’s been mentored and has worked side by side with Mark Burnett, the guru of competition based reality television.

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